XBRL is a technical format used for data exchange between the European Banks and EBA (European Banking Authority).
Our platform includes an integrated module and supports the latest and all historical versions required by EBA.


Validation For each COREP/FINREP reporting template, a set of predefined validation rules from EBA is set as mandatory to comply with before submitting the report to the Authority.
Our platform ensures the application of the latest and historical rule sets to fit the bank version of reporting templates.

Collateral Optimisation

Collateral Optimisation The solution provides a proven collateral allocation optimisation module which results in an optimised RWA and capital requirement.
The reports are generated automatically in the predefined format to ensure that they meet the supervisor’s and management requirements.


Dashboard/Analytics Our platform is designed to support full risk management for banks on top of the mandatory reporting.
It uses Elasticsearch Stack, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) to bring custom made dashboards for risk portfolio management and deep risk analysis.
This is a very flexible module, which puts the users in control of their data.